Artist Statement

A strong interest in process drives my creation. With the ceramic work I create I want the capabilities of the material to be visible. There is a fine line of fragility and stability when working with porcelain; I enjoy pushing the balance between these properties of the material and finding their limitations. The minimalist forms I make are rooted in functionality but through experimenting with materials and form, they begin to develop an individual character. Repetition and texture add dimension to the clean and simple forms while heightening their natural elegance. By making slight changes and enhancements to basic shapes I create a minimal, yet structured aesthetic.

The work I create is both wheel-thrown and hand-built. I am interested in the fragility of structure and how far I can push a form while still maintaining a stable construction. I have acquired an interest in manipulating thin porcelain slabs into self-supporting vessels. Using this method of building I am able to focus on the folds and cuts needed to create the desired form.

While many of these pieces are improvisational and process based, they still maintain integrity and purpose through their structure. Working with the intent of creating an ethereal and delicate aesthetic, draped over a strong and informed structure, allows me to play with the viewers’ perception of stability.